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Jetter control system
Product introduction

The combination of the rich knowledge about dynamic control solutions and related technologies and the successful experiences in using Bucher Emhart IS machine has made SJet a powerful control system for the whole process of glass container forming.

SJet control system will be the core of our fully integrated production line concept. In addition to more intelligent and coordinated glass bottle production control, it has also abundant interfaces for existing and future peripheral facilities, realizing the information sharing from material supply to cold end inspection.

1. Module designing, expandability and upgradability

SJet control system is the core component for the automation of bottle-making. It could be used to control all functions of the bottle making machine and its peripherals, including those from material supply machine to bottle pushing machine.

2. Control cabinets and their design

Two kinds of control cabinets could be provided for SJet control system, namely, machine control cabinet and section control cabinet.  The synchronization and communication between could be realized through the network communication supporting TCP/IP. The configuration of the components of the system could be automatically completed through CANopen interface.

The machine control cabinet is mainly used to control all mechanisms in the stages of material supply, material flowing and final product delivery.

The section control cabinet has module design and each cabinet could support the control of four sections on top.

3. New user interface UC2

HMI is the first window for human-machine dialog, which could directly connect the user to the control system. The user needs to input a great number of parameters to ensure the normal operation of the IS machine. We are proud of developing the new generation user terminal system, which could provide limitless possibilities to ensure that the user could configure the parameters in an easier and faster way.

The new-generation user terminal system is operated on standard Windows system, supporting touch screen that could be installed on the control cabinet at the site with air-conditioning; its human engineering and rapid navigation interface could enable the operators to control the desired parameters conveniently; complete alarming system is also provided to facilitate the maintenance operations of clients; and the parameters of the servo shafts have been integrated into the column diagram.

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